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Businesses are now getting ready to take the world by storm and show this pandemic who’s boss. These are strange times and you don’t just need an office, you need a war room.  You may well have spent the last 4 months staring at the same walls and let’s face it that won’t get your creative juices flowing.  At the Nook we pride ourselves for being a little bit different, there are no white box rooms, or one size to fit all. We offer carefully designed, quirky spaces that will leave you breathing a sigh of contentment as you enter to work each morning. We can even furnish your space if you require it.  To give you time to focus on what you do best, our monthly fee already includes the super fast fibre, electricity, gas, water and rates, all available on monthly rolling contracts.  Now I have no proof, but I strongly believe,that no war has been won without coffee.  We have epic coffee and snacks available to members 24/7.  And last but by no means least, the secret ingredient, the big guns as it were; our Nooksters.  We are lucky enough to have the most amazing variety of members, business enthusiasts who are as fun, as they are knowledgeable.  This supportive and hardworking tribe are what really gives us the edge, cross collaborating with not just business associates but friends makes work seem simple, increases productivity and profit lines.  We have a limited number of war rooms available, and they do go quickly. Book a tour, have a coffee, meet the members and we’ll have you tooled up and ready to go in no time.


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